4 Simple Tips on How to Take Professional Looking Photos to Sell or Rent Your Home

4 Simple Tips on How to Take Professional Looking Photos to Sell or Rent Your Home

Whether the listing is a rental property or a new listing I typically ALWAYS prefer to hire professional photographer. That said, not everyone can afford or perhaps has the time for that option so here are some basic tips to achieve similar results:

  1. Make sure the space has been decluttered and staged appropriately. Align your body so that you can capture 3 walls of the room in the frame. I typically stand in a corner but sometimes even outside the doorway to achieving the illusion of the most amount of space is the best way to get the shot. Make sure all the lights are on and the window treatments are up and open!

  2. Use a good camera and a tripod if possible. If you only have an iPhone it's not ideal but honestly not the end of the world if you know how to edit them properly...which leads me to #3...

  3. Edit your photos! I like using Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed app. The goal should be light and bright. Look at other listing photos to get an idea of what is pleasing to the eye.

  4. Consider using images of the exterior in different seasons. It's nice to show images when your home looks best. For example in the Spring when a cherry tree is blooming or in the Summer when grass is green and happy looking. It will depend on location and individual property what season looks best for your home.

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