5 Latest Trends in Luxury Real Estate Development in Kingston, WA

5 Latest Trends in Luxury Real Estate Development in Kingston, WA

Nestled along the shores of Puget Sound and Appletree Cove is the hamlet of Kingston, Washington. This community on the peninsula of Kitsap hosts the Washington State Ferry Edmonds-Kingston Route terminal, transporting passengers across the waters on beautiful daily journeys. With the median home price here topping 500K, you can imagine the number of homes priced on the curve's far side. Multi-million dollar estates are not uncommon here, with many of the occupants actively keeping up with the latest trends in luxury real estate. What are the newest ways high-end homes are being decorated and furnished in Kingston? Let’s take a closer look.

This Classic decorating trend is making a comeback

Designers report that this older decorating style is beginning to surge in popularity again, with many high-end homes being furnished and decorated in ways not seen largely since the 1970s. Boho Chic is a classic style in rooms throughout Kingston's luxury real estate market.

The eclectic and uniqueness of Boho Chic make it a fun way to decorate any living space. Rather than matching pieces of furniture and adding complementing decor to adorn a room, those decorating in Boho Chic will select individual pieces of furniture and accent them with art and other decor that represent the owner’s personality rather than an established design theme. Pieces for this design style are typically found at estate sales, second-hand shops, and websites dedicated to vintage furnishings and decor.

Wellness rooms are becoming quite popular

At no time have we been more focused on the importance of mental and emotional health. Experts maintain that caring for the mind is just as important as taking care of the body, and the two parts should work to maintain a proper balance.

Some homeowners are taking steps to maintain good mental health by developing a wellness room. This growing trend in luxury real estate has shown itself to be the perfect spot for the occupants to slip out of the hustle and bustle of reality and find a specific spot dedicated to calmness.

These rooms are unique from home to home. They will generally be decorated in soft tones to create peace. Some are used as spots to meditate and/or practice yoga. Others have comfortable furniture and books, letting a person escape from the world and relax in a favorite story. You might find a place to sleep or rest in one of these rooms, the soft and tranquil sounds of carefully curated music playing from hidden speakers. Or you might view exotic fish swimming in giant tanks along a wall. No matter how a wellness room has been laid out, its mission is to give the homeowner a place to unwind in peace and quiet.

The home theater is also becoming a sought-after luxury

The development of high-quality home projectors and advancement in surround sound audio quality has made home theaters more popular than ever in luxury homes. In these carefully designed rooms, you’ll find comfortable reclining chairs strategically placed before a big projection screen. Some home theaters even have big popcorn machines, making for a great way to give guests the real theater experience when you are hosting.

An older staple of luxury estates, the home gym, is still trending

The home gym has long been a fixture in luxury homes. But this trend in luxury real estate isn’t showing any sign of slowing down, either. If anything, the Covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020 fueled their popularity as many workout enthusiasts had to endure their regular gyms temporarily closing.

Dedicated rooms for a gym keep various exercise equipment from cluttering up the rest of the home. A home gym in these luxury estates will typically be outfitted with the latest in state-of-the-art gym equipment and the standard treadmills, free weights, and rowing machines.

The best ones will have sound systems professionally installed and a big-screen television mounted on a wall so occupants can stay entertained while they burn calories and build muscle.

Blending the indoors and outdoors together

Beginning shortly after WWII and lasting until the early 1970s, an architectural style first popularized down the coast from Kingston in the state of California. Mid-century Modern, or MCM as it’s more commonly referred to, soon spread in demand in all parts of the United States, the high ceilings, giant windows, and open floor plans appealing to countless post-war homeowners.

One aspect of MCM homes that have begun to trend again is the blend of indoor/outdoor areas. Luxury homes built with large windows that let in tons of natural light are heavily adorned with lush plants, bringing the greenery from nature into the living spaces.

The outdoor areas are also experiencing a blend of indoor furnishings and conveniences. Covered patios and decks are being used as second seasonal living spaces, perfect for entertaining or relaxing after a long day. Comfortable furniture, outdoor television, and sound systems, and even luxury grills are part of this experience that makes a second living space outdoors as convenient as it is relaxing.

Your next moves

If you are considering moving to the Kingston, WA area, you will be better served by pairing yourself with a qualified real estate agent. A true professional in this field will know the area like the back of their hand and be well-versed in the latest available housing inventory. Catherine Arlen is a real estate agent you can count on in this community. Her years of experience will help lead you and your family to the home you’ve always dreamt about on the shores of Puget Sound. Contact Catherine today to get started!

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